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Lisa is a 17 year old who recently became a Buddhist. Whilst I know there are big differences between Islam, Buddhism and other religions, my response to her is equally applicable to all non-Christians.   I wrote ....

Lisa: I don't think you would have written what you did if you had studied this site because, for example, you say "I am familiar with Christianity" and yet you imply that Christianity is basically "to guide people into doing what is right and moral, without hurting others."  That is where you are so mistaken! This is not the MAIN purpose of Christianity at all!  Christianity is about receiving God's forgiveness through the sacrifice of His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, who was with God at the time of the Creation and who came down from Heaven to die for our sins so that we WILL have God's promise of eternal life in Heaven.

Christians enjoy a loving relationship with the risen Christ and we want to share that with all who do not know Him. I have not actually said "all other religions are liars" - what I pointed out is that Jesus Himself said that He is God's One and only Son and, given that the teaching of yours and other religions denies that, I simply asked "Aren't you calling Jesus a liar?" to which I think you have to answer "Yes" - so let me also ask "Aren't you putting down Jesus Christ and hence Christianity?"

If you really want to find out the truth (and there can only be one truth) as to whether Jesus is a liar or not, then I invite you to read and study my site "Heaven is a Free Gift" and also to read the first four books in the New Testament of the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) which accurately record the life and teaching of Jesus who said quite plainly that He is the only way to Heaven and that everyone who does not believe in Him "is condemned already" to "everlasting punishment" in Hell

Many more people are voluntarily CONVERTING to Christianity each day than to Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or ANY other religion simply because the truth prevails. We KNOW that what Jesus said is the truth. All other religions deny that and so, sadly I have to pass on the words of Jesus to you that you, "stand condemned." (John 3:18).

We Christians reach out in love to the world because Christ commanded us to do so and because we know the peril which non-believers face. We love you with the love of Christ in our hearts and we want you to know that, if you accept Him into your life, you can be CERTAIN that you have eternal life and will enter through the "gates" of Heaven. Jesus said "I am the Way" ... "No one comes to the Father except through me." Again I ask, is Jesus Christ who claimed to be "God's one and only Son" who had "come down from Heaven" deceiving us with lies, or is He telling us the greatest truth of all?
Sadly, Lisa replied still talking about what religion ought to do and I wrote back as follows ...

Lisa ... All religions other than Christianity have their roots in what people think God ought to require and how He ought to act. It's a case of humans thinking they know better than God. Christians, instead, listen to what God has said (through Jesus) about when He will forgive and why. We know that Jesus came down from Heaven to die and pay the penalty for our sins. If it were not God's condition that forgiveness requires a sacrifice, then the death of Jesus was pointless.

It still comes down to whether or not Jesus was telling the truth. Your religion and others do not teach what Jesus taught and hence they put down Jesus and Christianity by implying that Jesus is lying and is not who He claimed to be, God's one and only Son. If you ever come to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then don't you think you should believe what He says? "No one comes to the Father except through me."

May I ask all Christian readers to pray for Lisa and the millions of others like her who have yet to find the truth.

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