1.  Christian Living
Despite His busy ministry on Earth, Jesus always found time to be alone with God in prayer.  We too should follow His example and be in frequent communication with our Father.

Jesus, when asked, gave His disciples a model prayer we now call the Lord's prayer.  Our own prayers can reflect this, opening with praise and thanksgiving, full of reverence for God.  We should ask that others are converted into the Kingdom - and play our role in spreading the Word.  We should ask that God's Will prevail on Earth, just as it does in Heaven.  We can then ask that our own needs be met - not just the bread on our table.  Indeed, Jesus said "I am the vine and you are the branches."  This shows us how we are to live with our Lord providing all our needs, just as all the nutrients for the branches come through the vine.  We should seek forgiveness, acknowledging that we have an obligation to forgive those who sin against us.  Finally, we ask for help in avoiding temptation and sin.

By reading the Bible, especially the New Testament, the character and wisdom of God will gradually become clearer to us so that we honestly feel we know the Father through His Son, Jesus.  The words of Jesus have been recorded for all time, just as He predicted, and the wisdom of God shines through these words.

God seeks our praise and prayer.  But, if it helps you to feel comfortable, by all means pray to Jesus.  (You don't need to pray to anyone such as Mary.)  Jesus made it clear that He and the Father are One.  Make Him your friend and communicate all day long about anything and everything that comes up. If your prayers are in keeping with God's will you may have faith that they will be answered in God's perfect timing.  Be patient - sometimes years will elapse.  But be persistent too for Jesus encouraged such in His teaching.

As you mature in the Christian faith you will feel more confident about sharing your faith with others.  But don't hold back because the Gospel message is not complicated and the Holy Spirit will give you the words (and the courage) if you ask.

And join a church!  Christian living requires Christian fellowship, just as a big company requires employees.  It's not about what you can get out of Church - it's much more about what you can contribute.  Even if you somehow believe you can live a Christian life without attending Church, what impact are you going to have on others if you can't introduce them to friends at your Church?  Churches often have prayer groups who will pray for your needs and your Christian growth.  You will learn from sermons and from study groups you may wish to attend during the week.

Above all, take a good look at your past life and see what needs to be changed!  Avoid activities which are likely to lead you into temptation.  You cannot continually seek forgiveness for the same old sins over and over again if you know full well that you will keep on doing these things.  You have not truly repented if such are your plans and you make a mockery of God's forgiveness.  (God made it clear He will not be mocked.)  Remember, He knows all your thoughts and plans - He knows if you are genuine when you seek forgiveness.

Live and breathe knowing that the Holy Spirit is within you!  Try to emulate Christ in all you do!  Love others!  Focus on others, rejoicing when they see the Light!  Most of the people you meet in life are walking around with God's stamp on their foreheads reading "condemned already" as in John 3:18.   Many of these are your close friends and relatives.  Never miss an opportunity to share the Gospel with each and every one of them!  And God, as He promised, will reward you in Heaven.

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